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Niyama Wellness Sanctuary
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Welcome to Niyama Wellness Sanctuary

(formerly known as Nourish Mind and Body)

Colon Hydrotherapy, Luxurious Float pods, and natural therapies centre 

  21 - 33 Cross Rd, Orchards Hills NSW

Ph: 02 47368574

Services we Offer for your wellness and relexation needs:

Colon Hydrotherapy

Herbal and diet detoxification protocols

Luxurious float tanks  - both single and couples floats

Juice cleanse and colonics packages

Infra red sauna

Yoga and Meditation Classes (commencing early 2022)

Body Detox - all natural body scrubs and mud wraps (commencing early 2022)

Hair Analysis Testing 

Health Coaching

Call us on 02 473 68574 or Book Online by clicking the following link

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Detoxification is not a system of removing the SYMPTOMS of disease  - it is a system of healing by addressing the CAUSE.

If you do not address the CAUSE of your disease you will be forever in the cycle of chasing health. Your body can cleanse and heal itself naturally, if you just give it the right conditions to do so.

Without detoxification, true healing cannot take place.

- Robert Morse, N.D. 

Colon Hydrotherapy Penrith ~ Colonics Western Sydney


Niyama Wellness Sanctuary

21 - 33 Cross Rd

Orchard Hills NSW 2748

Call us on 02 4736 8574 or Book Online by clicking the following link 

Purchase Packages at Great Prices here:

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By appointment only.

Skype and phone consultations also available for detoxification and healing protocols.


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